Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Meet the Picketts: Again!

I don't need to make too many introductions for this next family, as I have shot them twice already in the past few months :) But they are a JOY each time.

I first shot Kirsten, Kirsten's baby bump, and TJ in late August. You can see those here.

I then shot Kirsten, TJ, and the brand new, sweet, and beautiful Delanie at their farm in Clarksburg. You can see those here.

Last weekend, I headed out to the Pickett house once more to get some Christmas shots. It was way too cold to get shots outside, but we played with the Christmas lights, tree, Santa hats, reindeer antlers, and stockings to get some very festive and cute shots :)

The Picketts are now model pros! TJ is always coming up with ideas for pictures, and new ways to pose, and I love it! Delanie at 3 months is also a pro as you will see in her facial expressions (including a wink). I love Kirsten and her sweet kiddies, and I always have such a blast with them! Enjoy my favorites from the day!

Meet the Coits

So back in April, I head the wonderful pleasure of taking pictures of one the cutest red-headed little boys ever, Campbell. That shoot was especially special for me because it was my first official paid photo shoot. Yes, I had done a couple engagement shoots for friends, some portrait shooting for other friends, and took my fair share of personal pictures, but this was official, and it was exciting! And what a great first shoot it was. Due to a fried hard drive, I no longer have the full-res digital copies of the pictures, but they are on my Photos by Sarah Beth Facebook page, so go check them out there!

A couple of weeks ago, I met the Coits again for a second time at their home in DC to get some Christmas pictures of the family, this time including the coolest bull dog, Cooper! We then headed over to the Capitol to take some more shots.

The Coits are one of those families that make you realize what a small (but wonderful) world we live in! I originally met them through one of my co-workers at the LOFT who just so happens to be Elizabeth's mom, but I also have a few other friends/family relations with the Coits that would just be too confusing to explain...but what I can tell you is that the Coits are simply amazing to work with. Not only are the super photogenic, but they fun and as sweet as can be. Check out some of my favorites from our Christmas shoot!

Meet the Abellos

A few weeks ago, I met the absolutely positively adorable Abello family at their house for some Christmas card pictures. Now, one of many really cool things about the Abello family, is that the Abellos are BFFs with the Bedlions! Katie and Danielle have been friends since forever, and since I have known Danielle forever, I've also known Katie for quite sometime too! But time REALLY does fly, because the last time I saw Katie, she wasn't an Abello, and she didn't have her cute-as-can-be son, Christian! So you can imagine how FUN it was not only meeting her wonderful husband, Buddy, and sweet baby boy, but being able to photograph them!

Katie, Buddy, and Christian were an absolute delight to work with. They are some of the sweetest people you could ever meet, and, they are an beautiful family. I love photographing babies, and Christian, as you will see, is one of the cutest! I had the best time with the Abellos! Check out some of my favorite shots :)

Meet the Bedlions

Meet the fabulous Bedlions- some of my favorite people in all the world! I have known Danielle since before I can remember. She has been a friend forever, and one of the people that I look up to most! Her and her wonderful husband, Duncan, have two adorable boys: Teddy and Lincoln.

I was SO incredibly excited for this shoot for a few reasons: 1. The Bedlions are the coolest. 2. Teddy and Lincoln are the cutest. 3. This was my first shoot in DC. 4. The Bedlions would ALL be sporting Chuck Taylor's on their feet! And as most of you know, I LOVE shoe/feet shots, and I really love my Chucks.

Even though we got "kicked out" of the National Arboretum (you aren't allowed to have any sort of professional photo shoot there), we still had a TON of fun chasing around little Teddy and his new favorite red wagon, and coming up with some creative ways to shoot in the Bedlions front yard instead of the Arboretum (even though we snuck some shots there too ;-) ).

Here are some of my favorite shots! Enjoy!!